The Harveys Lake Protective Association meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the Grotto.

                    Please refer to Meeting Reminder Emails for any changes.

                    Scheduled meeting is:  Sept 6, SLAM Lounge


                   HLPA AGENDA       September 6, 2017


Call to Order:  Pledge Allegiance. 

Minutes of the previous meeting:

Treasurer’s Report:

 Presidents report:

                Meeting with Bill Hilburt and the Borough Council:

                Mr. Hilburt and I discussed 9 areas of concern, he has agreed to attend the next meeting of the HLPA on October 4, a List of the items discussed is available, Bill said he would address these at the October meeting and any other concerns we may have.



                The Borough has started spraying with a chemical pellets/granular for the treatment of the Hydrilla. They have treated or sprayed four areas of the lake. Maps are available with the locations.


Meeting place/location and date:  

                At the end of the last meeting we found out the Car Club had reserved the enclosed back room at Grotto’s for their meetings. I ask if they could change their date or time, I was told No. they had been using it for most of this year and if they tried to change now it would cause them problems. I talked to Armand, he said he would work with us, however I feel we should look at other options. Meeting in the side front restaurant area was not good; too loud, had poor lighting and not much room.

1.       We could meet in the Lounge, where we are meeting on 10/6 now?

2.       We could meet in the Borough Building on the 1st Wednesday 7:30?

3.       We could change the date to the 2 Wednesday and stay at Grotto’s?


Recommendation for the Secretary/Treasure potion:

                Susan Sutton, she is the Borough secretary. She feels she has time to do both and would be honored to work in this capacity for the HLPA.


Old Business:

1.       Membership list and new members.

2.       Ice insurance program.

3.       Island Maintenance Update.

4.       By-Laws Committee

New Business:


















updated Sept 5, 2017